What is DCEEC?

Mission: To bolster a network of environmental and conservation educators, increasing their capacity to provide meaningful environmental education for the residents of the District of Columbia.

Vision: DCEEC embraces the diversity of the residents of the District of Columbia and envisions our city as a place where all people explore nature with a sense of wonder. Through education, inquiry, and experience, the citizens of our nation’s capital will develop the knowledge and wisdom necessary to balance the needs of natural and urban systems.

History: Since 1993, the District of Columbia Environmental Education Consortium (DCEEC) has provided a communication network that enhances the abilities of its members to increase environmental knowledge and awareness in students, teachers and adults within the District.

Today, DCEEC is a non-profit organization that continues to provide opportunities for collaborating, networking, event coordination and program partnering. We also facilitate professional development and educational opportunities that support required learning standards. Our network also provides environmental expertise, professional development opportunities, curricula and resources, and hands-on classroom and field experiences to District schools.

The DCEEC network can provide schools with the following:

  • Environmental resource expertise
  • Educator workshops and accredited courses
  • Interactive classroom and field studies or investigations
  • Classroom curricula and materials

Initiatives DCEEC facilitates in conjunction with other organizations: