A Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience, or MWEE, enables students to participate in hands-on environmental learning about the Anacostia, Potomac and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. A MWEE integrates field studies with multidisciplinary classroom activities and instruction. One of the DC Environmental Education Consortium’s goals is helping members provide MWEEs to DC students. MWEEs are:

  • Investigative or project-oriented;
  • Integrated within the instructional program;
  • Involve preparation, action, and reflection;
  • Reveal the watershed as a system; and
  • Sustained throughout the school year.

Government Support for the MWEE
Recognizing the value of hands-on environmental education, the governors of the Chesapeake Bay states and the Mayor of Washington, D.C., signed a commitment in 2000 to provide a meaningful watershed experience for every student in the Chesapeake Bay watershed before graduation from high school. In the 2007 school year there were 5,865 MWEE provided to District of Columbia students. For resources and assistance in providing MWEEs to your students in the District, please visit the Department of Energy and Environment’s website.

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